How to Reduce Spam (Junk) Email!
In just 10 easy steps.

Omega Internet Services already has an advanced custom spam filter that blocks thousands and thousands of junk emails to Omega customers everyday. Unfortuately in the ongoing fight against spam we cannot stop all unwanted email. In order to further help you, we label any questionable email as spam but we still deliver it to you. This short tutorial will help you to sort through the mail that is labled as spam.

1. Open up Outlook Express. You do not need to get online.

2. In the top left hand corner go to "Tools".

3. Then click on "Message Rules" and then "Mail".

4. If your screen looks something like the picture below then you already have some message rules setup. If not then skip down to # 6.

5. On the message rules screen click on "New" and the "New Mail Rule" window will open.

6. In #1 "Select the conditions for your rule" box put a check in "Where the Subject line contains specific words".

7. In #2 "Select the Actions for your rule:" box put a check in "Delete it".

8. In #3 "Rule Description" click on the blue "contains specific words".

9. The "Type Specific Words" box opens. In this box type "{Spam?}" exactly like this but without the quotation marks. Then click on "Add". This will move "{Spam?}" down into the "Words" box. Here you can add whatever words you would like to filter. For each word or phrase that you put in, for example "Interest Rates" or "Viagra" click on the "Add" button. You can put as many as you would like in, just be careful not to put words in that you might get from friends or other legitimate emails because these emails will be automatically deleted.

10. When you are finished adding words to filter, click on the "Ok" button. This will take you back to the "New Mail Rule" window. At the bottom of this window delete what is in the #4 box "Name of the rule" and then type "Spam" like the picture below and click on the "Ok" button.