How to Setup a New Email Account

1. Open up Outlook Express. If it try's to get online you can just click "Work Offline" it doesn't matter either way.

2. At the top left hand side of the screen click on the "Tools" button.

3. then choose the "Accounts" option.

4. This will open up the "Internet Accounts" window. On the top right hand side of that window click on "Add" and then "Mail".

5. This will open the "Internet Connection Wizard". On this screen fill out your name or business name however you want other people to see it when you send them email. Then click "Next". For our example we will use "John Smith" with the Username: "johns".

6. On the "Internet E-Mail Address" screen you will fill out your username plus "". In this example it is "".
Please notice that everything must be lowercase and there cannot be any spaces. Then click the "Next" button.

7. For the "E-mail Server Names" the first blank will already say "POP3", just leave that the way it is. On the second blank put in "" for the Incoming Mail Server. The third line, Outgoing email server, should also say "". Make sure that your screen looks just like the picture below before you click "Next".

8. Here you only need to put in your username where it says "Account name:" and then insert your password only if you want it to save your password. Then click "Next".
*If you do not put in your password here it will ask for it every time you check your email. This is a good option to use if you do not trust everyone using this computer. For most people it is safe to save your password here.

9. Just click on the "Finish" Button and you are almost finished setting up your email account. Simply repeat these same instructions for each email account that you need to setup.

10. Next we need to make just one change to your e-mail settings. Click here for those settings!