How to Use This Page

This page answers the most frequent questions that we receive. Please refer to this page anytime you have a problem with your Internet Connection or E-mail. We will update this page whenever necessary.


Please note that if you can get online and check your email at this link or from our home page without any trouble then the problem resides on your computer. If after going through the support offered below and your problem is not resolved you need to call The Paraclete Group 620-276-3422 for service help.

  1. How to setup a new email account.
  2. How to setup a spam filter in Outlook Express.
  3. How to make my email go to my personal folder.
  4. Email Frequently Asked Questions

Internet Connection

  1. General Settings (Updated June 2009)
  2. Connection Support

Internet Safety

  1. Viruses & Worms - How to Protect Myself
  2. Spyware & Adware - What is Spyware?
  3. How to keep your internet Child Safe

Before you call us

In order to save both you and us time here are some things that you should always do before calling us.

1. Reboot your computer. 50% of the time internet connectivity problems can be solved simply by shutting down your computer completely and then restarting it. Always do this before calling us because it will be the first thing that we ask you to do!

2. Make sure that you have checked the support pages above to see if your question is answered there.

3. If you have gone through the two steps above and you still have a problem then it is time to call us 620-276-7500. First, turn on your computer and sit down in front of it. 99% of the problems that our customers have are due to an error or misconfiguration on their computer. When you call us we may need to walk through several things on your computer with you, so please be prepared for that.

(Please remember that Omega Internet Services only offers support for internet connectivity problems and email trouble if your problem does not fall into one of these two categories then you need to call The Paraclete Group 620-276-3422.)


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