Tips for Shopping Online.

Online shopping has quickly become one of the most secure forms of commerce around.When it is done correctly there is no safer way to use your credit cards! In a store the clerk can steal your credit card number. Over the phone people can tap your line or intercept your call, plus you are still giving the card number to a person that can keep it for there own use. However when shopping online the credit card number is encrypted and then passed directly to the credit card processing company. There is no middle man to steal your number and the encryption prevents anyone from being able to intercept your information.

Here are some things you can do to help ensure you have a safe and pleasant online shopping experience.

1. Know the Web Site.

It is always safer to stick with companies that you know and trust. If they have a store that you can physically go and shop in then you know that this is probably safe to shop online with them.

2. Only Use Trusted and Verifiable Stores with Security Certificates.

There are online companies that specialize in verifying to you which online stores are safe to shop with. The two bigest ones are Verisign and Thawte. If the website that you are shopping on is safe to shop with, then they should have a "security certificate" issued by one of these companies or one like them. Usually they will have a seal that you can click on to get more information about their security certificate.

These are examples of security certificate seals that you should see on trusted websites.

3. Find the secure lock.

Finally the most important thing to know when you are giving your credit card online is, does the website have a secure lock? You can find the secure lock, usually in the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen.

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